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Thank you, O WISE One!

I got home from work tonight to see an interesting little parcel on the stairs (the traditional spot where post is left in our house).  It had come all the way from Australia, which was a rather exciting discovery.  Yes, my WISE gift is here!

So yay for Yay, who has sent me an amazing assortment of very Australian items:  a postcard from Nut Country* in New South Wales, a fine selection of Aussie sweets – Coconut Ice, Mango Passionfruit Ice, Jupiter Caramel Bar and Maca Chino Macadamia Coffee Truffles – and a set of 16 Australian flag tattoos (we may have to have some sort of Australian themed party to show them off!).  Oh, and four gold and four silver Deputy Sheriff badges, which will also provide hours of entertainment!

So thank you Yay for tracking all these bits down, I’m looking forward to sampling the sweets and wearing my Deputy Sheriff badge and Australian flag tattoo with pride!

*Nut Country may not actually be the real name of this area, as the postcard appears to have been doctored somewhat (no pun intended, Yay… but it probably should have been).

My… brain… hurts!!!

I have a headache.  It’s probably due to dehydration, which is largely due to the fact that I have been so frantically trying to sort stuff out at work today that I kept forgetting to make a cup of tea.  And although I did drink some water, I probably should have drunk more.  So once I’ve written this, it’ll be time for a pie, chips, water and a couple of Ibuprofen.  That classic dinner combination.

Anyway, I’ve had a fairly tough few days, just in terms of having to think through a lot of stuff, and discussing things with people who were mostly (but not entirely) symapthetic.  However some good things did happen, not least an unexpected phone call from my lovely sister who talks sense (although if you’ve ever overheard us having a conversation, you might dispute that).

In other news, after many delays (some of which were within my control, so apologies there) my WISE gift will be in the post tomorrow.  In order to reach this point, I had to spend twenty minutes queueing at the post office after work… just to buy an envelope.  Now I get to put something in it, take it back to the post office tomorrow to find out how much it costs, and then hopefully the lucky recipient should have a belated-but-enjoyable surprise by the end of the week (so yes, it’s someone in the UK).

Frohliche WISEnachten*

Since everybody else is blogging about their WISE gifts and stuff, I thought I’d jump on the bandwagon.  In case you’re not up on it, WISE is the Wibsite International Secret Exchange, in which from time to time Wiblog bloggers across the world send stuff to each other through the post. (remember that?  It’s what we used to have before emails.  Turns out it’s still going too, and is more useful for sending bulky items.)

Being Mr Last Minute, I thought I’d wait til today before buying my lovely things.  The other reason for waiting was that the annual German Christmas market opened today.  So, WISE receiver, expect something pretty and something ornamental (with the emphasis on “mental”).

The arrival of the German market has now replaced the sound of Noddy Holder bellowing “Iiit’s CHRRRIIIIIIIIIIIIIIISSSST-MMMAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSS!” as my key indication that the festive season has arrived.  It’s nice to walk out of work of an evening and see a huge number of people eating wurst and crepes and garlic bread and drinking gluhwein.  Although it’s less nice when it gets really busy and it takes twenty minutes to walk to the bus stop because you can’t get round the dawdlers in front of you.  Maybe, if I ever get things sorted out with my camera (long story), I might bring you some exciting pictoral reportage.  Failing that, expect a restaurant review of the wurst stall shortly.

*which is kind of a hijacking of the German for “happy Christmas”.  A bilingual pun, if you will.  I’m such a show-off.