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The long and winding road

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you probably should get out more.  But meanwhile, you may have noticed my tendency to be vague about things, to talk about stuff and situations without ever really telling you anything.  This, my friends, is the problem I have with the internet – it’s a great place to share things, but due to the fact that anyone and everyone can then read what you’ve said, it’s not always appropriate to share very much at all.

As if to demonstrate this, there are currently three situations which I really want to tell you about, but because there are other people involved, I can’t really say much.  But let’s have a go anyway, eh?

Situation 1 has been rumbling around for a long time, and at the end of last week I realised I can’t just let it keep rumbling without doing something about it.  It’s going to be a (probably) long and difficult process to sort it out; I’ve been on the journey to sorting it for a while, but I’ve largely been sitting in the passenger seat, and now I need to start driving more.  While I’m getting there, though, I still have to travel through places I don’t particularly want to be in – but I know if I stay here, it will become a place I want to be in even less.  So now’s the time to start moving forward.

Situation 2 is rather complicated.  If we use the journey analogy again – I’ve spent a while driving down this road, only to find myself at a dead end.  Except I’ve been having some trouble accepting it’s a dead end, and have been looking for ways around it.  However, I’m now starting to think I should head off in a different direction instead, and then my sat nav appears to have already programmed itself to take me there, even though I’m still not quite convinced it’s where I want to go.  This is potentially quite an exciting adventure, but I feel I need to make my mind up where I want to end up, and I’m not sure I really know yet.

Situation 3 is thankfully a more positive one.  I’ve spent a long time driving, and needed a bit of a break – someone to take the wheel for a bit.  A few people have considered it, but for one reason or another it hasn’t really worked out.  Now, though, it looks like we’ve tracked down someone who’s a great driver – much better than me – who can share some of the load.  This has been a long time coming, and I’m so grateful we’ve finally reached this point.  I’m not stopping driving altogether, you understand – just allowing myself more time to doze in the passenger seat while someone else is at the wheel, thus ensuring I’m fresher and better prepared for when it’s my turn to do some driving.

So there it is.  A mixture of positive and not-so-positive issues from my life, disguised as non-specific motoring adventures.  I look forward to the day when I can tell you that I’ve reached my destination on that first journey, and when I’ve worked out where I’m actually going on the second journey.  Right now, I’m just glad the third journey is finally sorted, as it gives me hope that the other two will be sorted too one day.  And then, maybe, just maybe, I might be able to tell you where I’ve been going and stop all this vague stuff.

Comments and confusions

Have you ever had someone make a throwaway comment to you, only for you to realise you can’t throw it away?

I only ask because someone said something to me earlier, and even though I think there may have been an element of tongue-in-cheekness about it, I recognised it as a more extreme version of a thought which had already crossed my mind.  And as I’ve started typing this, I’ve realised I need to think and pray about it more.  Darn you, throwaway comment person!  Now I have to use my brain!

Meanwhile, the techy stuff continues to gradually make more sense to me.  Sort of.  I was thinking earlier of starting a thread on the boards which could act as both an FAQ type thing and a “hey look, I’ve found you can do this, how exciting!” type thing as well.  However, I seem to be having a bit of trouble with the boards, in that every time I click a link to them, the page appears for a nanosecond before redirecting to a “page cannot be displayed” page, although I can then click the back button to return to the page I was trying to look at.  However, I can’t actually log in to write anything on the boards, as I get redirected but clicking back takes me back to a screen where I’m not logged in, and every time I try to log in I go through the whole palaver again.  Ho hum, I’m sure it’ll all make sense one day.  At least I’m only one fifth Anglican* though, otherwise I’d really be struggling with all this change… :p

*it’s a long story.  I might tell you it one day, if you’re unlucky.