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Barack and I have something in common…

…we both have a new pad and face the difficult task of redecorating the place to our own satisfaction.  As you can see, I’ve made a start on mine, and I dare say I’ll do a bit more in the coming days.  But anyway, enough about me – onto the real man of the moment…

As both of my regular readers may recall, I’ve been backing Obama for a rather long time, so I’m understandably pretty happy with the results.  But, of course, as is always the way, we won’t know whether he’ll do a good job or not until he starts doing the job.  He’s talked the talk, but now comes the difficult bit.  And given his immense popularity, you can bet that the first time he slips up, or even makes an unpopular decision, his critics will come down on him like a ton of bricks.

Ah yes, the critics.  An old friend who I grew up with now lives in America, and on election day her facebook status proclaimed that the US would be “pretty screwed” if Obama won, which several of her friends had then echoed enthusiastically.  I’m not sure how she’s formed this opinion, but she obviously feels quite passionately about it.  And since the result was announced, I’ve heard from a few other people who think Obama doesn’t have enough experience for the task ahead.  But then isn’t that the problem with every job?  You can’t have experience of being the president until you’re the president, right?  Barack’s made the shortlist, had his interview – in front of an intervew panel of about 130,000,000, which has to be pretty daunting – and the panel have decided they want him for the job instead of the other guy.  As George W Bush apparently said when he called to congratulate Obama, “now go and enjoy yourself” (probably the wisest thing Dubya’s said in eight years in office).

Anywhat, I could go on but frankly, as usual when I get started on a Big Serious Issue, I’m not entirely sure what point I was trying to make.  So I’ll stop there.

As for me and my new digs here – well, firstly, thanks for dropping by.  If you’ve got some time to spare, please have a look at the rest of the Wibsite and especially at the other Wiblogs, as they’re very very good.  The arrival of this new improved Wibsite also coincides with my feeling that I want to do a few different things with my blog.  There may well be more of the “what I’ve been doing lately” stuff that I normally churn out, but I’m also thinking of sharing some more of my thoughts on life and the world around me (much as I have above).  Also, I think there may be some regular CD / film / book reviews (although knowing how infrequently I actually complete a book, they may not be so regular) and possibly a bit of creative stuff from time to time.  And, of course, some exciting tales of what God’s up to and all that.  Apart from that, though, there won’t be much going on here.

Feel free to sign the guest book, and drive home safely.