Are we nearly there yet?

If Diana Ross showed up today and started singing “Do You Know Where You’re Going To?” I’d have to reply, “well, Diana, I’ve got a rough idea, but if you’re wanting an exact specific location – hmm, that might take a while”.  Or maybe I’d reply, “what are you doing in my house?”.

As I launch into the new year, I’m trying to reflect on things, and in doing so, I found myself looking back at a post from a couple of months back (I haven’t yet mastered linking to posts, so if you want to catch up, it’s the one from 11th November 2008).  I was talking about three aspects of my life being journeys, and trying to work out where I was going and how to read the map and that kind of stuff.  Well, two months can be a long time, so I thought I’d report back on my progress (or otherwise).

First off – the long and difficult journey that I felt had to be made.  Well, I’ve kind of started it.  However, if we imagine it to be a motorway, then I’m currently crawling along on the outside lane, getting distracted at every service station.  I’m determined to do this – I just need to put my foot down more.  Also, I’m aware there may be roadworks ahead, which could lead me to have to take a bit of a detour to reach my destination; but this is somewhere I really really want to go, so if that means a bit of extra driving, more petrol money, that kind of thing, then I’m up for the challenge, because much as I may be tired by the time I get there, I’ll be so glad to reach the destination.

Now to my second journey – I was facing a dead end but looking for a way round it, while also wondering whether I should follow some directions to somewhere else instead.  Well, I think I’m on route to the somewhere else place now, thanks to a bit of encouragement from a passenger who’s travelling with me and giving me the benefit of their navigational wisdom.  The thing is, I’m still not entirely sure if I’m heading for the right place now – if I turn up, will the locals welcome me or politely ask me to move on?

My final journey, I’m pleased to report, is now completed.  Having gone further than I thought I could, I’ve now passed the wheel to someone else.  Now for that nap on the back seat…

So, am I nearly there yet?

1) No, but on the way;

2) No, but on the way;

3) Yes.

Maybe, just maybe, in a few months’ time I’ll come back and tell you what’s going on (although on past experience I wouldn’t count on it – I think this may be the first time I’ve actually followed up on something I said I would follow up on).  But in the meantime, I’ll just keep on trucking…

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  1. Hurrah for #3, and my continued prayers for #1 and #2. Enjoy the nap, and the continued trucking — though not at the same time one hopes! 🙂

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