I’m in a strange place

Not in a physical sense, you understand.  I’m sitting in my lounge, which really isn’t a strange place.  If I was sitting in your lounge, then I’d physically be in a strange place.  Not because there’s anything strange about your lounge though, just because I’ve probably never been there before and you haven’t invited me round (that’s a lovely ornament / picture / TV / patch of dry rot you’ve got there, by the way).

As you may have noticed, I haven’t blogged for a couple of weeks.  I was hoping to blog while I was at my parents’ over Christmas (we all had a lovely time, by the way, and Granddad is well, if a little prone to falling asleep frequently) but every time I logged onto the Wibsite, our internet connection crashed.  Then when I got home, I relished having the house to myself and didn’t get round to blogging.  And now I finally have a little bit of time and really want to blog, but can’t think what to write.

I think that probably reflects where I’m at overall.  As we step into a new year, I feel a bit like I’m in limbo.  I’ve got a feeling there’ll be some stuff happening this year, and I’m doing a bit towards making it happen (although I should probably do more) but it just seems odd knowing that I’m not there yet, and I’m feeling a little restless.

However, there is good news.  Rather than making resolutions, this year I’ve set myself ten challenges, with the aim of seeing how long I can keep going on them.  Some are things I aim to do every day, some are things I aim to do a certain number of times a week, and some are things I aim to do gradually over time; all of them are things which I think will be good for my health (physically, mentally, spiritually, or a combination of the above).  Due to circumstances, I didn’t start until Saturday, but I’m pleased to report that so far I’ve managed the three daily challenges every day, have had no problems with two out of the three ongoing ones, and am on course to do the four weekly ones.  All of which makes me rather happy.

Of course, with the transition from the end of one year to the start of the next, it’s tempting to look back at what’s happened so far, take stock of where you are now, and look ahead to see what’ll happen next.  So that’s what I plan to do next.  Tune in for another exciting episode – random time, same channel.

One thought on “I’m in a strange place

  1. I’ll be here waiting for the Steve programme.

    Happy New Year. Great to hear from you, and all the best for 2009 and all you want to do and accomplish — and wherever it leads you. God bless.

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