Comments and confusions

Have you ever had someone make a throwaway comment to you, only for you to realise you can’t throw it away?

I only ask because someone said something to me earlier, and even though I think there may have been an element of tongue-in-cheekness about it, I recognised it as a more extreme version of a thought which had already crossed my mind.  And as I’ve started typing this, I’ve realised I need to think and pray about it more.  Darn you, throwaway comment person!  Now I have to use my brain!

Meanwhile, the techy stuff continues to gradually make more sense to me.  Sort of.  I was thinking earlier of starting a thread on the boards which could act as both an FAQ type thing and a “hey look, I’ve found you can do this, how exciting!” type thing as well.  However, I seem to be having a bit of trouble with the boards, in that every time I click a link to them, the page appears for a nanosecond before redirecting to a “page cannot be displayed” page, although I can then click the back button to return to the page I was trying to look at.  However, I can’t actually log in to write anything on the boards, as I get redirected but clicking back takes me back to a screen where I’m not logged in, and every time I try to log in I go through the whole palaver again.  Ho hum, I’m sure it’ll all make sense one day.  At least I’m only one fifth Anglican* though, otherwise I’d really be struggling with all this change… :p

*it’s a long story.  I might tell you it one day, if you’re unlucky.

One thought on “Comments and confusions

  1. i second your idea re: hey-looky-here type of thread… am curious about the 1/5 Anglican thing… and am thrilled to have actually *found* your blog – as I’m still navigating here too. About the comment thing – sometimes throw-away comments resonante for very specific reasons… it’s worth it to take time to figure it out, in my humble opinion. good luck!

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